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Aigerim Arginbayeva (aka Lesidris) is a London based illustrator born in Kazakhstan. She studied graphic design in Central Saint Martins College, University of Arts London. Aigerim is inspired by traditions and culture of the country of her birth which are clearly reflected in many of her works.
At present Aigerim is focusing on illustrating children’s books and prints, but nevertheless, the main theme of Aigerim’s creative work is unveiling in an amusing and unconventional way the inner world of a human in everyday life.

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 This marks the starting point where I felt compelled to paint and share the profound moment of birth that altered me, leading
me into a new realm as if I were being reborn alongside my child. In this particular scene, I aim to depict the mixture of shock,
pain, and surprise, showcasing the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Moreover, I seek to infuse my paintings with playfulness and a
touch of humour, aiming to add lightness and complexity to subject matter that is both intimate and multifaceted.

Birth, 2024
acrylic on canvas 


Exploring the depths of postpartum emotions through unconscious gestural paintings and color experimentation has allowed me to vividly capture the essence of my post-birth self - a wobbly figure with pulsating sore breasts, encapsulating the ongoing bonding journey with my child.

Baby blues, 2024
acrylic on canvas


Infinite love, 2024
acrylic on canvas


In-depth study of the theme of motherhood. Exploring the forms and textures of this profound and complex experience, capturing the wide range of emotions that mothers encounter. These feelings can escalate from pure happiness and tenderness to the extremes of despair, anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness, confusion, anger.

Mothers often suppress these "negative" emotions, keeping them to themselves while providing the best comfort to their child. Even in moments of rage, they still extend love and tenderness.This duality of feelings is incredible, and I seek to express it in my paintings.

Acrylic on linen paper, 2024

Acrylic, ink, pastel on paper, 2024


Through these series of paintings, I delve into the portrayal of women as goddesses who not only give life but also nurture and comfort their children amidst the demanding and weighty responsibilities that motherhood entails, immersed in everyday tasks such as household chores, cooking, postpartum experiences, and coping with losses. This exploration underscores the significance of recognising the need to take a break, to prioritise self-care and personal desires over societal expectations.

This character draws inspiration from Central Asian ornaments, as well as from the mythological goddess Umai, who embodies the archetype of the Great Mother and the feminine principle in Turkic mythology.

Mother on a break, 2024
acrylic on canvas
90x 100 cm


‘Children are flowers of life’, 2023
acrylic, ink on board
594 x 841 mm


Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and symbolic colours of Central Asian nomadic art, which are deeply rooted in my heritage, my creative journey involves unraveling the symbols that convey messages from women of past generations. Through my artistic endeavours, I aim to bridge the gap between past and present, bringing these ancient motifs to life in today's context.

Mothers, 2022
acrylic on canvas


Themes of domestic abuse, women abduction, rape, and violence on a global scale—a subject of profound significance for me. My aim is to find ways to address and shed light on these critical issues.
I am intrigued by the interplay between Greek and Turkic mythology, reimagining male and female figures and playing with gender roles. By swapping these roles and examining the evolution of femininity and masculinity throughout history, I aim to create a new narrative in a contemporary context. In this particular painting, I sought to draw parallels between my work and Serov's "Abduction of Europe," exploring the intersection of mythology and modern-day societal dynamics.

The abduction of Zeus, work in progress
acrylic, pastel on canvas